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Tangier has a long History and a Presence through the time. It is a unique and exceptional destination. In addition to its geographical and tourist attractions, the region of Tangier has always been a highly valued destination.

With its natural assets, considered to be rather specific, Tangier keeps charming its visitors. You find mountains, sea, historical and natural sites. In other words, a mixture of different things that makes from Tangier heavens on earth.

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This variety of backgrounds enables it to be particularly favourable to all entertaining activities: fishing, aquatic sports, trekking and other activities in the open air but from the point of view of the decision-makers, these remains insufficient.

The need to make it further attractive and constantly mystical urges them to modernize all the necessary ingredients to make from Tangier a focus of tourist interest, par excellence.

In this sense, a large number of promising projects originates and comes to light:

  • The Tourist Zone of Cap Spartel, located on a surface area of 104 ha.
  • The Tourist Zone of Ghandouri, spread over 60 ha and located at the sea front in Tangier Bay.
  • The Tourist Zone of the lake, spreading over 44 ha The aim of these projects is to offer
    the possibilities for hotels and housing investments at attractive prices.

Other infrastructures have equally been provided for, such as clinics, conference centres, Sports club, leisure centre, business, offices, services, restaurants, coffee shops. Its attraction and its seductive power, through the numerous statuses, known all along the history, make from Tangier a cosmopolitan city and a place of inspiration for world- famous painters and novelists.

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Gateway to Europe

As a gateway to Europe, Tangier overhangs proudly the Mediterranean Sea, at the meeting of the Sea and the Ocean and at the crossroads between the North and the South. From this geostrategic position, the city of Tangier has taken its cosmopolitanism.

Several cultures, nationalities, religions and languages intersect. Its Medina, with Hispano-Moorish buildings, its numerous museums, its flourished gardens, its paths or venues, etc… are a good evidence. Its charms and spells, which have inspired the famous painters, poets, novelists and film-makers are added to that.

It is in Tangier that Eugene Delacroix has rediscovered the romanticism and Henri Matisse has learnt the alchemy of colours. It is also in Tangier that Williams Burroughs has written-le festin nu (the naked feast) and that Paul Bowles has created-Un the au Sahara (Tea in Sahara). It is equally in Tangier that Paul Morand has been exiled and Jean Genet has found the soil of his eternal rest.

Gateway to Europe

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